Loans for public employees: the best way?

In the past the idea of ​​early was linked to that of the entrepreneur, or of the one who asked for large amounts of money for important investments or purchases. Today the world of loans moves in a different way, and welcomes the daily needs of the self-employed and the public employee .

How many times have you needed a loan?


Yes, sometimes there is no need for a big commitment to need a sum of money : the loan is not dedicated only to investments or massive events.

Sometimes you need a loan to buy an appliance, a new car or to organize a party for an important person. Even the civil servant needs a loan , and his working status makes everything easier.

The public employee can obtain subsidized loans through the INPS, which provides the loan directly or through institutions affiliated with the national social security.

Since 2011 there have been some innovations in the sector of loans provided by INPS for public employees. For example, you can access the small loan and ask for an extension of the terms for the purchase of the house for your children.

The small INPS loan is the one that approaches the daily needs of the public employee who needs a small amount of money. In fact, this type of loan can be requested for sudden expenses and the reason for the request must not be specified.

A feature of the small loan

A feature of the small loan

It must be repaid in 12, 24, 36 or 48 installments based on the requested sum (1, 2, 3 or 4 months) which varies according to the presence or otherwise of other transfers of the fifth ( source INPS ) .

What are we talking about exactly?

The salary assignment is a type of loan that involves public and private employees hired for at least three months. Its basic features:

  • It is not finalized so you don’t have to justify how you use the money.
  • It is recovered directly on your salary.
  • It concerns only 20% of the payroll.
  • It provides for the active presence of the employer in the loan process.
  • Limits insolvency.

And did you find the best solution to apply for a loan ? Are you a civil servant and haven’t yet decided how to get that amount of money needed to deal with small, sudden expenses?


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