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Under a Schufa entry, consumers almost exclusively understand a negative feature contained in the credit report. In fact, every Schufa statement contains a number of neutral entries, including, among other things, data about existing bank accounts and existing financial liabilities. The application for an instant loan is being speeded up, and domestic banks often agree to lending within two bank working days.

Is it possible to apply for the instant loan?

Whether a financial institution pays out an instant loan with a Schufa entry depends on the nature of the negative feature and the amount of the loan applied for; furthermore, the applicant’s earned income is important. A prerequisite for a successful application for an instant loan with Schufa entry is that it is a soft negative feature that was ideally fused several years ago. If the applicant has a steady working relationship with a high enough income at the time of borrowing, a soft negative entry will not be a compelling reason for the credit rejection of some lenders.

If loan applicants apply for an instant loan with a Schufa entry, careful bid comparison is particularly important as most loan providers charge a risk premium on the loan, despite a Schufa negative feature. Basically, the chances of a cheap immediate borrowing increase despite an existing negative Schufa entry when the loan customer takes the loan together with a co-applicant. This should of course have a credit report without negative feature.

The instant borrowing in Switzerland

Many consumers submit their request for an instant loan with a Schufa entry to a Swiss bank. The Swiss Federal Reserve Banks do not ask for credit approval from the German credit institution before granting the loan and therefore do not know about any negative entries made by Schufa, in return they check the creditworthiness of their customers with regard to the regular income from work more strictly than domestic banks and require at least a salary above the attachment limit. In determining their income, they only take into account the pay received by the main employer, while they do not count the child benefit or any additional income.

In any event, Swiss banks also require proof of salary for instant loans and carefully review them so they will need at least a week to process the loan application. On average, they pay out instant loans one week faster than traditional loans, for which the usual bank processing time for Swiss banks is a good fourteen days. It should be noted, however, that only some of the participating in the schufafreien lending for German customers banks offer instant loans.

The loan amount is limited to 3500-5000 euros for an immediate loan requested directly from the Swiss bank with a Schufa entry, however, higher sums can be applied for via a reputable credit intermediary. The clear mark of the seriousness of a credit intermediary is the exclusive calculation of an appropriate performance fee.


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