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It is not only popular with its customers due to its massive advertising activities, but also to a number of different credit models. In addition to loans, the company is basically an all-rounder, where you can keep accounts, save, use insurance benefits and also speculate on the stock market. The bank is also thinking of young talents with special products such as the ” starter account “. The credit sector is and remains an important pillar of the bank. You can currently (07/2018) use a variable-amount credit line at a variable annual interest rate of 8.99%.

Online advantage loan

This is actually the classic installment loan from Targobank. It is striking that the lower limit is set so low that customers can make the financing also a small loan with a short term. A purpose limitation is waived. You can also apply for the loan as a couple. A higher total income allows borrowers to raise more money. The minimum net income for the award is 600 euros per month.

Current data on the advantage credit (07/2018):

  • Net loan amount: 1,500 to 65,000 euros
  • Duration: 12 to 96 months
  • Lower limit for loan installments: 50 euros per month
  • Special repayments: feasible at any time
  • Rate breaks: 1 x per year
  • Annual percentage rate: 2.45% to 8.49%
  • annual fixed rate of interest: 2.42% to 8.17% per year

Specials: Redemption start can start up to 89 days later, proof of identity also possible via video-ident

  • Representative Credit Example (July 2018 🙂
  • Net loan amount: 11,500 euros
  • Total loan amount: 12,476.05 euros
  • Monthly loan installment: 207.90 euros
  • Running time: 61 months at 60 installments
  • fixed lending rate: 3.15% pa
  • effective interest rate: 3.20% pa

Notes on the advantage credit

Notes on the advantage credit

Once a year you can take a break for a month. Special repayments are always free of charge, they can be made up to 80% of the remaining debt. A complete replacement is not provided. Not only the application, but also the legitimacy – so the proof of your identity can be made online. The VideoIdent process is increasingly replacing the more complex PostIdent process at Targobank Kredit. The lending rate depends mainly on the duration, but also on the individual credit rating.

Car loan 

Car loan 

The Düsseldorfer Bank is one of those banks with its own car loan. The conditions are similar to those of the advantage credit, but differ in some points as well. In both cases, you can, for example, supplement the Targobank loan with credit insurance as protection against unemployment, incapacity to work or the consequences of a borrower’s death. At runtime, however, the scope for car buyers is different. And last but not least, the annual effective interest rate for car financing.

The condition overview

  • Net loan amounts: from 1,500 to 65,000 euros
  • Running times: between 12 and 84 months
  • Special repayments: always possible, up to 80% of the outstanding balance
  • latest beginning of the eradication: after 89 days
  • annual borrowing rate: from 2.42 to 2.91%
  • Annual effective interest rate: from 2.45 to 2.95%
  • Special services: security package, installment break, VideoIdent processing

Our representative car loan offer:

  • Your loan amount (net): 14,000 euros
  • Total cost of financing: 15,095.74 euros
  • Duration: 60 loan installments at 61 months
  • bonded lending rate: 2.91% per year
  • Annual effective interest rate: 2.95%
  • Your monthly rate: 251,50 Euro

Details about the Targobank car loan:

Details about the Targobank car loan:

Some framework conditions are tied to this Targobank credit, which is paid out moreover after a positive examination mostly after seven days at the latest. The year of construction of the financed vehicle may be a maximum of eight years. In the case of the conclusion over the Internet platform a security transfer is obligatory within four weeks after the application. You can make special repayments of up to 80 percent of your remaining balance. Only in the spring of 2018 did Handelsblatt select the offer as the best car loan in the area of ​​credit-based loans.

Residential credit

Residential credit

Renovate, modernize or simply renovate according to your own wishes – all this allows the Targobank Wohnkredit. Income and creditworthiness determine the maximum loan amount, the credit rating is also crucial in addition to the term of interest on the amount of your financing. Condition for the award: you are the owner of the house or apartment.

This is what the conditions look like in July 2018:

  • Credit line (net): from 1,500 to a maximum of 65,000 euros
  • Running times: from 12 to 84 months
  • Start of the eradication: up to 89 days after start of term
  • annual borrowing rate (committed): from 2.42 to 3.63%
  • Annual percentage rate: between 2.45 and 3.63%
  • Special repayments: yes, free of charge and up to 80% of the outstanding balance
  • Options: Credit through VideoIdent and credit protection

A representative residential loan example

  • Loan amount (net): 14.500,00 Euro
  • Total loan amount: 15,924.30 euros
  • monthly loan installment: 265.30 euros
  • fixed annual borrowing rate: 3.63%
  • annual effect rate: 3.69%
  • Duration: 61 months at 60 loan installments

In addition to the digital VideoIdent procedure, you can of course also conclude the contract for a residential loan in a branch office, thereby completing the legitimacy by presenting a valid photo ID – but this can be done faster online. What you finance with the capital from your Targobank loan, you decide all alone. No matter whether you are planning modernization or finally want to install your dream bathroom.

Loan for self-employed

Loan for self-employed

Unlike other credit institutions, self-employed and freelance professionals are welcome. The company has even added its own Targobank self-employed loan portfolio. Small drawback: The maximum credit limit is clearer than the normal benefit loan. Income and creditworthiness decide as usual on the maximum financing sums. The major bank waives a purpose limitation. (Please also read our article on start-up credit )

The conditions for a self-employed loan (July 2018)

  • Credit line (net: from 1,500 to 35,000 euros
  • Duration of funding: 12 to a maximum of 84 months
  • fixed borrowing rate: from 2.91 to 10.43% per annum
  • effective annual interest rate: from 2.95 to 10.95% pa
  • Special repayments: always possible up to 80% of the balance

Our representative example of self-employed loans:

  • Loan sum net: 11,000 euros
  • Total loan amount: 12.168,34 Euro
  • planned term: 49 months with 48 monthly loan installments
  • fixed annual interest rate: 4.84%
  • Annual effective interest rate: 4.95%
  • Credit rate per: 253.50 euros

Additional information about loan

The self-employed sometimes have a harder time to finance than their employed “fellow sufferers”. Therefore, find out exactly which proof of employment requires Targobank. The trader requires a copy of the commercial register or proof of business registration. You work freelance? Then the proof of a chamber joining or a certificate from the tax office can be sufficient. The tax number should also be on hand. The Bank also requires a maximum two-year income tax assessment, as well as printed or digital bank statements.

Basic credit(branch loan)

For all customers who prefer to apply for installment loans in a personal conversation, even in the digital age, the basic credit is in good hands. The employees in the more than 350 branches help with the processing. To avoid long waiting times, you can use the online service to make an appointment. Non-binding offers the bank likes to create on their platform. In addition, you will read all the award criteria there and know exactly what documents you should bring with you for the conclusion of the contract.

Conditions for basic credit:

  • Loan amounts (net): from 1,500 to 65,000 euros
  • Duration: from 12 to 96 months

You will learn the exact conditions for the target and effective interest rates in discussion with your local consultant . You can apply for the Targobank loan with a monthly net salary of 600 euros. As with the loans presented so far, special repayments and the booking of a security package are optional.

Individual Credit

The suffix “individual” already announces: The loan should be useful for customers in every situation. Here, too, you can arrange the consultation for the interview on-line online.

Get to know the essential facts (as of July 2018):

  • Loan amount (net): between 1,500 and 65,000 euros
  • Runtime margin: from 12 to a maximum of 96 months
  • Minimum for the monthly rate: only 50 Euro

The security package, which also exists for the other Targobank loans, you can also book with this loan. An interesting extra is the promotional offers that borrowers can access in over 300 partner shops within the Targobank shopping world.

Student Loan

Student Loan

Students and trainees who need a loan are not always easy on the credit market. Targobank KfW Student Loan is an alternative that brings about more than a year of extra money for the financing of vocational training. Important: The financing can also be used in combination with BAföG and other educational loans. The bank names the requirements for the award on your website. Standard in this case is the payment in monthly stages. As a financier, the name suggests it already, the renowned KfW banking group.

The details summary (as of: 07/2018)

  • Payments per month: 100 to a maximum of 650 euros
  • Duration of funding: up to 14 months
  • Special repayments: always practicable (also complete repayments!)
  • Annual effective interest rate: 3,55%
  • Redemption start after payment: between six and 23 months
  • Duration: maximum 25 years

With regard to the term of the loan, it is to be said that the maximum lifetime of the Targobank can be up to a maximum of 67 years. The fixed rate can be agreed for a maximum of ten years. How much money borrowers receive does not depend on the income situation. How and where to apply for the loan from KfW, visitors to the Targobank website will learn unequivocally and without much searching. Without a consultation, the loan can not be requested.

Mortgage financing 

Mortgage financing 

Mortgage lending is an important pillar for many banks, including the Targobank. At this point you will learn everything worth knowing about your options for real estate and mortgage lending. Targobank relies on a network of more than 70 financial service providers whose services it provides. Important criteria for each financing are in particular the income, the creditworthiness as well as property value. Details on the effective interest rate of your financing will be set individually after the consultation.

The framework conditions:

  • Lower limit for funding: 20,000 euros
  • Maximum amount for the construction loan: –
  • Purpose: new construction, purchase, renovation, modernization (both for own use and (partly) rental)
  • Credit terms: from 12 months to a maximum of 30 years
  • Duration: between 12 months and 30 years
  • Special repayments: up to 10% of the nominal loan amount annually

A note on the payment of your loan amounts for mortgage lending: This can be done directly after a positive decision in a sum; Alternatively, you can arrange payouts depending on the planned construction stages.


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