What an Alkaline Diet Can Do for Your Health

The body was created to take care of itself through its various systems and with the natural foods placed on the planet. But as humans continued to evolve, they began to complicate the body system by taking in over processed foods and drinks which have become the primary cause of disease and death today.

For the body to function well, it needs to have a balanced level of PH. PH means some acids and alkaline in our tissues and fluids. To achieve this balance, alkaline foods which include most fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds and herbal teas are needed. These contain magnesium, calcium, sodium and phosphate which help one’s body system move away from heavy medications and allow the system to fight disease and function naturally. Read on to learn what more Alkaline foods can do for your health.

Prevents cancer and boasts chemotherapy treatments.

Studies by the British Journal of Radiology show that cancer cell death can occur in an alkaline body. This means that even though cancer runs in the genes of a particular family, family members can survive its attack if they maintain a good alkaline diet. Also, patients receiving chemotherapy treatments require a higher PH to be effective. Our bodies require a PH of between 7.365–7.4 to balance well and so does chemotherapy treatment. Also read 3 week diet review to learn more about fat loss foods.

Protects your body from obesity

Ever noticed that when you eat vegetables or fruits, you reach satisfaction fast even though you crave them again after a short while? Well, alkaline foods increase the leptin and inflammation levels in your body so that you reach satisfaction without necessarily eating much. This helps lower some calories in the body and therefore cuts your weight

Provides stronger muscles and bones

Muscle wasting which is common among the aging and usually shows up in a disease called sarcopenia can be prevented by taking in an alkaline diet. An individual that eats plenty vegetables and fruits gets enough calcium, phosphate, and magnesium which increases muscle mass and builds bones.

Heals body pains

Chronic back pain, joint pain, headaches, menstrual pain can all be both prevented and healed by the intake of alkaline foods. Alkaline prevents diseases attacking. Other diseases found to be mitigated by alkaline include strokes and hypertension.

Here is how to eat an alkaline diet

Not all alkaline foods carry the same alkaline. It is, therefore, important to know how and where to get alkaline foods. The soil food grows in is what determines a food’s alkaline level. The best pH of soil which provides all the essential nutrients to plants is between 6 and 7. For the best overall availability of essential nutrients in plants is between 6 and 7. Acid soils and soil with a pH above six may have low or no magnesium, iron, zinc and copper. To understand the type of soil your food is grown in, buy your fruits at the farmers market so that you can ask farmers where they produce the foods. Alternatively, you can purchase a PH testing strip from a pharmacy and test for your PH level using saliva or urine after you’ve eaten alkaline foods. If you are a farmer who wants to grow alkaline foods, have in mind that organically maintained soil is the best to use. That is soil that is open to animal grazing and wildlife.


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